TenzShield is YOUR Privacy Assistant Genius.

It protects your privacy settings on data-rich platforms and rewards you to share your information.


"There is no opting-out of the data-intensive world"


“Social apps have long provided privacy settings to help you manage who can see your posts. Yet, time and again, we find ourselves surprised to learn that we’ve given away more than we intended — whether it’s a years-old tweet that lands us in hot water, a Facebook post we never intended our ex to see, or something even more serious.

There’s an insane amount of news every day about social networks screwing up and compromising user data. So, it’s advisable that you keep your privacy settings in check to avoid giving away any information unintentionally.

The Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal brought new attention to the way that data given away years ago could come back to haunt us. A service that stays on top of tech companies’ ever-changing privacy settings and manages them toward the most restrictive settings would be a welcome addition to the tech world.“ Blockchain technology brought to the world features that can enable the development of such service in the correct philosophy, technology and business terms.

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A mobile privacy assistant genius that uses a serverless architecture and Blockchain to manage user’s privacy settings and stored data on different social platforms and rewards users that decide to actively share their information with companies to get fairly rewarded to do so.

Manage Privacy Status

It’s objective is to become a privacy portal that any illiterate user can use to simply manage their privacy status from their smartphone on all social platforms and to monetize their data on their own terms.

Serveless Architecture

Serverless architecture that requires no login on TenzShield to start operating. 

Token Reward Engine

TenzShield has a reward engine based on Blockchain that receives requests from companies that want to have access to the user’s information and are willing to reward users for that.

Personal Customization

Besides saving hours of manual work to backup then remove old Facebook photos, tweets, Google Searches, Alexa queries, Health Trackers, Bank Data, with TenzShield, they can choose between privacy and rewards accordingly to their profiles and personal choices.

TenzShield doesn't hold any data

So TenzShield has absolutely no data on its users and all that it fundamentally does on the front-end is being the bridge between users social accounts and an interface to control privacy settings.


Blockchain Reward Engine

Users use TenzShield Platform to manage privacy on each platform.📲

Social Profiles + Bank Information + Health Information + Any Data Rich Platform.

Users can purchase goods and services on the partner platforms with the reward tokens.




The systems uses a reward engine created on top of the Blockchain to generate a crypto-currency based token that can be used to redeem rewards and exchange services on the partner platforms.


Unstoppable Platform

The purpose of TenzShield is to be an unstoppable platform, i.e. independent of its creators, meaning that it should not be possible to shut it down.



TenzShield gets a percentage of the rewards distributed to users. This function will be implemented on the smart contract and the costs come to the enterprise's interest in user data.


Developed by a worldwide community of crypto enthusiasts, developers, researchers and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds.

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